Notification System

Town Hall

To provide a faster and more direct method of keeping residents informed, we are implementing a one-way notification system. One-way means you will not be able to reply to the messages.We will continue to post information in the Post Office and on the electronic reader board.

If 200 residents sign up for this service, it will continue to be used. There is no cost to the resident for this service.
The information you provide is managed by Town employees and will not be shared.

This letter has been sent to each household that uses Dayton utilities. Please complete a form for each person in your household interested in receiving notifications. Extra copies are available at the Town Hall and Post Office.

YOU are in charge! Please use the included form to tell us:

  1. IF you want to receive notifications,
  2. HOW you want to receive the notifications,
  3. and WHAT TYPE of notifications you want to receive.

Click here for direct sign up

You can change your mind and remove or add people and/or notification items at any time.

Examples of the type of information that would be sent includes:

  • Emergencies such as flooding, wildfire, etc.…
  • Town Council meeting notifications. This would include work studies as well as special meetings. Agendas would not be sent.
  • Dangerous wildlife in the area
  • Drinking water concerns such as line breaks. Your physical address allows us to narrow those that receive the notification to those that are affected
  • Raw water concerns including turn on and turn off dates
  • Garbage or recycle information
  • Street closures