Town of Dayton, Wyoming
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Dayton, Wyoming

Kleiber's Cabin

Kleiber's prints became known over most of the United States and Europe especially among collectors of sporting and nature prints.

His work was shown for a number of years in galleries in Boston, New York San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Billings, Minneapolis, and other cities. In 1930 he received a Silver Medal from the Printmakers Society for his print "Leaving the High County."

In 1944, Hans' nature studies in prints and watercolors were given a special showing at the National Museum in Washington, D.C.

The University of Wyoming continually displays selections of its large collection of Kleiber prints. The Bradford Brinton Memorial has a variety of Hans' artistic production; oils, watercolors, etchings, aquatints, and dry points. The Whitney Museum in Cody, Wyoming displays a permanent collection of prints, through the courtesy of Mrs. Lucille M. Wright.

Hans remained active in community affairs around Dayton and worked in his rustic studio until his death on December 8, 1967. He was 80 years old.

In his small book of poems, "Songs of Wyoming," Hans expressed, in still another media, his genuine love for the Big Horn Mountain country.

Hans Kleiber was born of Austrian parents near Cologne on August 24, 1887. In 1900 the Kleiber family cane to the United States and settled in Webster, Massachusetts.

Hans was not very happy in the surroundings of this industrial area where his father was an expert textile designer. He longed for the west which he had read so much about. In 1907 he came west and found work in a lumber camp in the Big Horn Mountains in Northern Wyoming. Shortly thereafter, he secured employment with the Forest Service and later became a Ranger. It was during theses years as a ranger that he spent much of his time out-of-doors surrounded by the beauties of nature. He made many sketches and notes of these beautiful and fascinating scenes.

In 1923 he returned to Dayton and started on his long road to art. He started with oils done with a palette knife. Next he tried pen and ink. I n 1927 he decide to try etchings. He was largely self-taught. Soon his work came to the attention print collectors.

Around 1940, Hans began to paint in watercolor. This added a dimension he could not achieve in etching. Later he applied color to his etchings by tinting them. These soon were in great demand and are now considered collector's items.


Hans Kleiber Cabin
on "North By Northeast" episode

Sonja Caywood, local artist and manager of the Kleiber Cabin,
being interviewed about the Kleiber Cabin

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