Town of Dayton, Wyoming
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Dayton, Wyoming Dayton Volunteer Fire Department

The Town of Dayton is served by a volunteer fire department known as the Dayton Volunteer Fire Department and operating within the Dayton Fire District. The district serves both the town and surrounding area. The Volunteer Fire Department also operates a First Responder Ambulance in conjunction with 911 Ambulance Service of Sheridan County.

The district has 4 trucks:

2005-750 gallon pumper

1980-250 gallon mini-pumper

1988-250 gallon grass truck

1988-1000 gallon water tanker

Note: All vehicles can pump from out of a stream, fire hydrant or storage tank.

The Town of Dayton has 3 trucks:

2000 Type 1 Ambulance

2000 3/4 Ton pick-up

2009 750 gallon structure truck

The fire station is located at 600 Broadway. According to the agreement between the Town of Dayton and the Fire District, Dayton provides the building, personnel and most of the operating costs of the department.

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